Software engineering

  • All brands (safety) PLCs and HMIs
  • PC software, SCADA, and custom applications
  • Motion control with servo systems and multi-axis controllers
  • Industrial bus systems and communication protocols


The software engineers are highly experienced and versatile. They have plenty of specialistic knowledge of the most common brands of controllers and software. Even the less known systems, such as SIL3 classified Fail-safe systems, various motion controllers and real-time control systems, are regularly and successfully implemented.

The software engineering department has specialistic knowledge in the field of industrial PC software applications, which is custom made to our clients. There are several custom applications developed using the tool Borland Delphi and programming languages such as C / C # / C + +. NET and Visual Basic. Nowadays, increasingly more applications are developed with open source software such as Linux, Appache, MySQL, PHP Perl Python (LAMP). This gives us many opportunities to design flexible and advanced software applications which run under Linux or Windows.

All software is developed in-house and as much as possible tested. For example by means of simulation. Our clients can choose a FAT before delivering the control panel and software. All this preparations ensures a smooth and fast commissioning at clients'.



Bachmann M_PLC structure text IEC_61131_3
Scada compressor besturing
Siemens Simatic Step7 CFC
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