• Service & (remote) support in case of a malfunctioning or diagnose
  • (periodically) Inspection of electrical installations and equipment (IEC 60204-1)
  • Repairations to electrical and electronic equipment


The continuity of the (production) process is essential to our clients. Obviously, our client can count on well considered process controls and that by means of a correct design, the possibility of malfunctions is prevented as much as possible. However, if a malfunction still occurs, Armac focuses on a as quick as possible detection and repararion of the default.

We pass on our knowledge to our customers, enabling them to solbe most malfunctions themselves. We provide all the information and software and we give training how to use it. This "open" manner of working is highly appreciated by our customers.


Armac provides the option for remote service. This involves the use of modems and ethernet connections. Our clients can count on a properly secured connection for which we recommend IQsafeLink. The advantage of remote service is the direct remote support by our software engineers.


For more specific information on this, you can visit our website: Website IQsafeLink

Whenever you wish support on the scene, one telephone call is enough to have our people on-site!


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