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Many food products are vacuum packed. If there is a leak in the package, this may lead to earlier deterioration or loss of flavor. Our client masters the technique to
It began with the monitoring of temperatures and humidity at various locations within an industrial bakery. These values had to become easily accessable and transparant via a web interface.
Beofe food is canned or potted, the cans or jars has to be washed and dried. Normally, this is done by several machines. Our client has combined this to one
Control for donut fry machines. Donuts for retail are baked in large quantities for a small period of the year. For the quality of the donut the ingredients are important
Control for a tray washer machine. Egg trays are made of cardboard or plastic. The plastic trays are reusable but must be cleaned. The tray washer machine automatically cleans plastic
Control with servo drives including cabling for two synchronously rotating equipment a loader (RotoMaster) and a breaker (OvoMaster) for unstacking, loading, breaking the eggs