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Control for a wood cutting machine with automatic length calculation and connection to the work preparation software, mainly purposed for the carpenter industry. First,
The development of an hot air generator which is adapted to function under varying counter pressures up to 6 bar. Processes which take place under this pressure are, for example,
Control for an Engobe line. During engobe-ing, a thin layer of liquid clay is applied to a ceramic product in order to ontain a certain color and/or structure.   Hardware: PLC
Special stone press which is suitable for short-run production of bricks. The moistured clay passes through a disposer to the molding trays. Herein, sand is preliminarily sprinkled
After the bricks are baked in the oven, they kiln cars must be cleaned. The cleaning is done with a large suction nozzle which is moved across the deck. The sides
Control for a cutting machine for glazing beads. Window frames are increasingly prepared prefabricated. The glazing beads are pre-cut to size and included together with the frame. The
To relocate heavy piles of stones to another pallet, we developed for our customer the control of a pallet crenellation. The hydraulic unit clamps the birck package on all sides.
Control of industrial inkjet printers. In the production of concrete floors the produced slabs need to be coded. A PLC control system measures the position of the concrete
Control and wiring of a rock saw. Baked bricks are cut into strips and used in the prefabricated building of walls and chimneys as well as in renovations. The control