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Lately, the projects and investments in the oil and gas industry are decreasing. Yet, Armac succeeds in providing a new customer in this industry, the second largest gas producer
In 2003 and 2009, Armac has developed and delivered many mobile compressors. In 2014, the complete control and cabling of the 2003-version is renewed. The end user was so pleased
In the industry, and especially on oil and gas production sites, often nitrogen as inert gas is needed. By means of membrane filter technology this can be produced. Our task
Level control and alarm of a condensate tank via simple PLC. The level is controlled by means of vibrating fork liquid level switches and regulated through an analogue level measurement.
Coolings mist is applied with large gas coolers. By nebulize the water in very fine way, a mist is created that provides extra cooling capacity. By means of a frequency
The local monitoring of two levels, the flow and the pressure in a condensate tank. This information visualises graphically at a 12" HMI, accompanied by additional process
UCP of 316L stainless steel for a nitrogen membrane package. The plant produces nitrogen as an inert gas. This is used as instrument air in an explosive environment.   PLC
Control and cabling of two gas compressors purposed to provide gas to the turbine of a power plant. The compressors are situated in an ATEX zone 2 environment and all
Control and cabling of a gas compressor in an acoustic hood. It is a compressor for acid gas H2S thus sealing of cable entry is very important. The controller is placed