Nitrogen generator 



In the industry, and especially on oil and gas production sites, often nitrogen as inert gas is needed. By means of membrane filter technology this can be produced. Our task is to provide two identical control panels, PLC and visualization software. The challenge is that the whole composation will be placed on an oil rig in a gas zone 1. We provide a clever solution in which most of the components are suitable for zone 1; only the components which are not suitable will be accommodated in a small Eex d box.  Moreover, this also saves a lot of costs as the case has to be carried out in stainless steel: RVS316L.


PLC Siemens S7-315 2DP
Communicatie Modbus TCP Siemens CP343-1 
Remote IO Eex i Siemens ET200isp
Panel PC Stahl ET406 10,4"


Siemens Step 7
Siemens WinCC runtime


RVS316L Eex e buitenkast en Eex d binnenkast
Siemens ET200isp Eex i Remote IO
Panel PC geschikt voor ATEX zone 1
Bekabeling in ATEX zone 1