Cooling mist system 



Coolings mist is applied with large gas coolers. By nebulize the water in very fine way, a mist is created that provides extra cooling capacity. By means of a frequency controlled high pressure pump and based on a pressure transmitter, the water is nebulized at the appropriate pressure. Under the coolers the humidity is measured with a T / Rv intrument, and nebulizers are switched by valves. These T / Rv intruments are positioned in an ATEX zone 2 and by Eex i isolators connected to the analog inputs of the PLC control. 

The installation is placed in Indonesia, where a tropical climate is found. The control unit is contrued to 40°C environment temperature and a humidity rate up to 100%. 

Use has been made of Siemens Siplus material for PLC, HMI, frequency controller and power supply.





  • PLC Siemens S7-1200 Siplus
  • HMI Siemens KTP400 3,8" Siplus
  • Frequency converter Siemens MM440 Siplus



  • Siemens TIA portal


Cooling mist
Besturingskast aan cooling mist skid
Besturingskast geschikt voor tropische omgeving
Skid met hoge druk pomp