Hardware engineering

  • Design of electrical diagrams
  • Design of printed circuit boards
  • Objective choice of components
  • ATEX applications


The hardware engineering department is responsible for the design of the circuit diagrams. All data relating to the electrical installation can be found in these diagrams. The diagrams include material lists, terminal and cable lists, component coding (TAG numbering) and outline drawings.

Our hardware engineering department ensures an optimal component selection taking into account the requirements of the European Directives and the correct application of the available standards. Regularly, our hardware engineers follow trainings and seminars.
Armac is not limited to the design of "standard" control panels. Our hardware engineers are also experienced in the design of ATEX certified systems to both gas and dust explosive atmospheres. In consultation with our client the most suitable protection concept will be chosen.

We design in dialogue with our clients an optimal machine safety which is hardware or software integrated into the control system. A machine or proecess control designed by Armac meets the requirements for electrical safety.


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SISTEMA - Safety Integrity Software Tool for the Evaluation of Machine Applications
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